We Hold Hands And We Jump

by We Hold Hands And We Jump

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anonymous songwriter



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released March 18, 2017



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We Hold Hands And We Jump Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

we hold hands and we jump
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Track Name: Romance
Have you ever wanted to die all alone
In a blanket while the gentle tones of wings like drums
Sound like angry foghorns
In the calm that smells like vomit in the sink
He's an angry little kid with a lot on his chest
He's a human-sized leak that i just can't fix
He's me and you trying to live alongside each (other)

Other like a torn appendage
Phantom pains like running water, say it
Softy in my ear a second time
You are gonna be the death of me
Laughing in your sleep, it frankly scares me
Me, me, me
Fading into
Pillows, sleep, blankets, sheets

Romance, like
Roman-tic poetry in a food processor we're
Sleeping while my brain sputters like a VCR, it's
Romance, it's romance
All these doppelganger people in the pictures
Sober lives in a heaven that we'll never know


Punctuating screaming silence with sentences like
Fuck you, pay me
You are nobody to anybody
Already broken, total disappointment
Are you gonna be here when i break down
Are you gonna wish me well, all black, when i'm face down
When i'm gone, bury me in blankets

(it's) Romance
Like romantic poetry in a food processor
We're sleeping while my brain sputters like a VCR
It's romance
It's PBR and this cocaine
It's all these doppelganger people in the pictures
Sober lives in a heaven that we'll never know

Track Name: Childhood After Childhood
An amalgamate of featureless bodies rolls into town
In a suitcase, on a bus
Shockwaves whistling and dancing
In the space between my legs

I find it hard to tell
Just where I end and you take over
Even at your slightest cold touch
My wings are clipped
It don't bother me much

Somehow you found me
I expected nothing less from a cruel and ironic god
I don't really want to stay and talk to you now
But i do
Anywhere we have to wait in line
I burn like wildfire
Anytime your hand glances my thigh
I sweat
I'm scared of being part of something
Anything at all

You are someone that i never want to see again
I honestly accept that but i cannot just forget the things we shared
We hid behind a locked door
And you hid behind your hair
You were a parasite and i was too
We would feed off of each other
We would snarl, drool, and choke on the bones
You'd give into my fantasies and make me sicker
One big group delusion
Paranoid and choking all the way home

I couldn't
I really shouldn't
We're still hacking up the pieces in the garbage can
I know how simple it seems
I hate how easy it can be
To give into your habits
To fall into patterns

I will never be whole again
Never join the party, join the legion
Getting married just seems so far-fetched
I could stay alone, and i'll be relatively happy here alone
And live my life, least for a while
I'm unfixable
It comes as no surprise that
The half of me that i don't like is eating me alive

I wake up alone
I wake up alone


I walk around defeated with no wallet and I'm thirsty
And it's a suffocating, awful time of night
I lay down on a park bench
When I touch my face, I poke right in the eyes

What's next for me
Just feel like this for my whole life?
No matter how I train
No matter who I fight
A chain with a broken link
Won't hold you all that tight

(I wish i was stronger!! I wish I was dead!!!)
Do I wish I was stronger, do I wish I was dead?
I am praying, but so vaguely that I make things worse instead
My wings are clipped and I get back in bed
Someday, someday soon, I'll walk out of here instead
Track Name: Nature Vs Nurture
You rode away on a Saturday
You are the last one of your kind
Brooklyn to Los Angeles I came
Looking for you - a mother to my four sons

And hasn't been the same around here since you left
When is it ever the same
There's not a time in your life when you get numb to divorce
But there's a time for everything

I'm gonna need to replace it
I'm gonna need to replace it, I'm
Gonna need a replacement

May I only, be
A little bit crazy
May I only, be
A little bit
Crazy, that's all I ask for

I saw your post on MySpace
Yeah, I know I'm just a little late
It's hard for me to adjust to modern times
A dozen lives spent on the frontier
I think I know how to take it from here
When I don the mask I live a double life

I get this overflowing urge and make my own buckets of blood
And bring em to the set
By the time we finish this take this whole place will be soaking wet

I get so involved in this one role that it's becoming more than just a job
Becoming more than just a game

May I only, go
A little bit psycho, that was my prayer
I feel kinda like, I'm
Becoming who I played in Tourist Trap, in 1979

Each time, I'm surprised how capable all of us are, at taking a human life
Maybe I'm the outlier in that scenario
Each time I'm surprised I have psychic powers
How sure can you really know?
In the house of Davy Jones

You can't kill me, at
The end of this movie
I can't be stopped
My spirit lives on
In the Hollywood halls
On faces I can't wait to lay plaster on